Displaying Your Special Edition Book: Options and Ideas

Displaying Your Special Edition Book: Options and Ideas

So you're thinking of buying a Special Edition book (thank you if you've already bought one) and are wondering if it's still going to be a cherished treasure in a few years time and how can you make the most of it? 

How about displaying it? While the books themselves hold immense beauty and significance to you, the presentation of a special edition can be further enhanced through thoughtful display for your family and other visitors. This article explores some ideas (we're fans of thought provoking ideas) to display your special edition book, with a particular focus on the often overlooked, but equally remarkable, clamshell boxes and slipcases that accompany these books.

Showcasing the Book

The primary objective when displaying a special edition book is to highlight its exquisite craftsmanship and distinctive features, artwork, prints or other elements. Here are some display options for showcasing the book itself:
  1. Bookstands: Acrylic or wooden bookstands provide an elegant and practical solution for displaying special edition books. Adjustable bookstands allow you to position the book at the desired angle, ensuring optimal visibility of the cover, spine, and open pages. In due course, we hope to have a range of these designed to match the special editions available on our site.
  2. Display Shelves: Installing dedicated shelves or bookcases to exhibit your special edition books might be a way forward for you. Like Ikea's display shelves for their bookcase range, yours might be at an angle to enable easy display and reading. Arrange them in an organized and visually pleasing manner, taking care to consider the book's size, shape, and design.
  3. Glass Display Cases: Enclosing your special edition books (why stop at just one) in a glass display case provides protection while allowing viewers to admire it from all angles. This option works well for books with delicate covers, intricate details, or valuable signatures. Modern cases can provide UV protection and good lighting options while also protecting the books from your kids' desire to add to the masterpiece.

Emphasising Slipcases and Clamshell Boxes:

Our slipcases and clamshell boxes, often overlooked in discussions of book display, are themselves designed to be visually striking elements worthy of admiration (some are also fabulously tactile). Here are a few ideas for highlighting these protective and aesthetically pleasing enclosures:
  1. Opened Slipcase: Rather than simply storing the book in its slipcase, consider displaying the opened slipcase alongside the book. This allows you and your visitors to appreciate the slipcase's design, artwork, or embossed details while still maintaining easy access to the book.
  2. Custom Stand for Slipcases: In some cases, it may be worth designing a custom stand or easel to hold the slipcase in an upright position. This creates a standalone display piece that showcases the slipcase's artwork, typography, or unique features. It also makes it easier to slide the book in and out for reading or closer examination.
  3. Wall-mounted Clamshell Boxes: Convert the clamshell box itself into a wall-mounted display. If you have several, you could arrange them like art frames, with the opened box displaying the book cover facing outwards. This approach combines the allure of the book with the elegance of the box, transforming them into decorative wall pieces and fantastic talking points. We obviously would recommend being careful with this idea as you may accidentally damage your collector's item.
  4. Grouping Slipcases and Clamshell Boxes: Create a visually captivating display by arranging slipcases and clamshell boxes in a group or cluster. Play with different sizes, colors, and designs to achieve an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Consider incorporating other decorative elements, such as book-related artwork or accessories, to enhance the overall display.

Incorporating Lighting and Accessories

Don't forget that many of our Special Editions come with all sorts of extras and special elements which could be displayed in their own right.
  1. Lighting: Strategically placed accent lighting can enhance the details of the book cover, spine, or open pages. Use LED strip lights, spotlights, or adjustable lamps to create a warm and inviting ambiance while highlighting specific features of the book or its enclosures.
  2. Bookmarks or Ephemera: Introduce the bookmarks, art prints, or ephemera associated with the special edition book into the display. These items can be carefully positioned alongside or inside the book, adding an extra layer of interest and visual storytelling.
  3. Framing and Mounting: Many of the Special Editions on this site include photographic prints, hand-written lyrics or genuine original artwork which could be framed and mounted to much effect.
  4. Descriptive Labels: Turning your home into a mini-museum, you could provide small descriptive labels detailing the significance or unique aspects of the special edition. This not only enhances your visiters' understanding but also adds an element of museum-like presentation.
Displaying a special edition book is an opportunity to celebrate its craftsmanship and artistry and bring you closer to the authors and artists involved. You have just bought something special and you should give it a chance to feature in your house. By considering various options, such as bookstands, display shelves, glass cases, and incorporating the (often overlooked) slipcases and clamshell boxes, you can create a display that showcases both the book and its accompanying protective enclosures. Remember to experiment with lighting, accessories, and creative arrangements to elevate the visual appeal and turn your special edition book display into a real show-piece.
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