Kevin Cummins' Joy Division collectable photographic book is laid out in the clamshell case showing the signed black and white photo of Joy Division, certificate of authenticity and envelope

Joy Division - Juvenes Collector's Edition

This special collector's edition of Joy Division: Juvenes was limited to just 100 copies and same with an 8 x 10-inch photographic print, hand-signed by Kevin Cummins. Taken during a Joy Division rehearsal session on 19 August 1979, the stunning photograph of Ian Curtis is not featured in the book.

The complete view of this collector's limited edition book showing the signed photo, book, certificate of authenticity and clamshell case.Collectable book is laid open revealing a black and white photo spread across two pages. The clamshell case this limited edition comes in sits underneath the book 

Housed in a cloth-bound, foil stamped clamshell box, the print was accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate and a signed copy of the book itself, wrapped in a special edition jacket exclusive to this set. Beautifully produced, it is the ultimate collector's edition of Juvenes, the definitive book of Kevin Cummins' iconic photographs of Joy Division.

‘Whenever I picture Joy Division, it’s through Kevin Cummins’ camera lens. Never before or since has one photographer captured a band’s story so well.’
Tim Burgess


Top down view of the book and envelope containing the signed print for this Special Edition book.


‘I first saw Kevin Cummins’ photographs of Joy Division when I was a music-obsessed teenager. The stark black and white shots captured perfectly the austere and serious nature of the music. Look at this book and dream a new future into being. God knows we need one.’
Bobby Gillespie 


The clamshell case containing this limited edition of Juvenes by Kevin Cummins

The Deluxe Edition of Joy Division - Juvenes (9781788403627) was published by Cassell, imprint of Octopus Book Group via Special Edition Books on the 7th October 2021.
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