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Sixty Years of Being Rude
  • Author
    • Gerald Scarfe
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Edition of 26
  • Published: Nov 07 2019
  • 590 x 534mm
  • ISBN: 9781408712672
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In the stunning retrospective Scarfe, which expands on 2005's Drawing Blood in every way, Gerald Scarfe's work is presented as no book has presented it before. This fully illustrated, 576-page volume reveals the truth of sixty years of politics and culture, packed with images that have defined not only one artist's career, but also twentieth and twenty-first century British life. A showcase of Scarfe's glittering career in design, reportage and showbusiness, Scarfe presents drawings, sculptures and photographs alongside witty and poignant captions and stories. Scarfe's muses: Thatcher, Clinton, Blair, May and Trump, as well as many other titanic figures of our times are all here, revealed as they really are by Scarfe's cutting pen. Carefully curated by the artist himself, this monumental book is the definitive guide to the career of a national treasure.

About the Artist's Edition

  • Limited edition of 26, each one signed and lettered A-Z.
  • Each Artist's Edition comes with a unique original artwork by Gerald Scarfe, signed and lettered A-Z. No two of these artworks are the same.
  • Also includes the Deluxe Edition of Scarfe and an exclusive signed print, entitled Prime Minister Boris!! God Help Us! housed in a luxurious presentation box.
  • The print and the artwork are both printed on high-quality cartridge paper and come protected in Fedrigoni Golden Star K translucent, acid-free envelopes.
  • Please note that requests for specific letters cannot be fulfilled.